We at SceneGames value our users beyond all, we constantly upload all latest games. However, if there is any title missing, that you want us to upload, Simply comment below to request your title to be uploaded. Our moderators will complete your requests as soon as possible, however due to immense amount of requests, sometimes it may take a while to be uploaded. Therefore, be polite when dealing with our moderators and wait for your game to be added. There are some rules though for requesting games, so please go through them before requesting games to be uploaded.

Rules for Requesting Game Titles

  • Make sure the game is released for PC
  • Make sure that the game title is Cracked
  • The game title you are requesting should be released
  • The game isn’t already published on SceneGames
  • Please do not spam the comments section, All requests are accepted in a timely manner
  • Please respect the moderators
  • Always check for the homepage or use the search page, most of the times the requests are completed and moderators forget to reply to your comments
  • If you have multiple titles to request, make sure you request them all in a single comment
  • Please do not post game related bugs or other issues in this comment section, This page is only dedicated for Games Requests
  • We rarely accept Console games requests, so please try to avoid requesting for PlayStation or Xbox games

Other Ways to Request

We will try our best to respond to your requests as best as we can. However, if your request is taking time and is delayed, the best alternative is to join SceneGames Discord server and raise a ticket there. Since our moderators are most active on Discord, your request will be completed almost promptly. Infact we would recommend you to join our Discord instead and request for your games there, since its much faster and better. You can easily join SceneGames Community Discord server by clicking on the button below.