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Grounded is a highly-regarded survival game developed by Obsidian Entertainment. The game offers players an exciting and immersive experience as they are shrunk to the size of an ant and must navigate a backyard filled with giant insects and dangerous plants. This combination of survival, exploration, and crafting has made Grounded a standout title in the action-adventure genre. Grounded’s gameplay is a major highlight of the game, offering players the chance to gather resources, build shelters, and craft weapons and tools. The game’s survival mechanics are well-designed and challenging, requiring players to manage their hunger, thirst, and health levels in order to survive.

Additionally, the game features a range of missions and challenges that add depth and variety to the gameplay experience. Another key feature of Grounded is its stunning graphics. The game’s art style is both unique and appealing, with vibrant colors and intricate details that help to create an immersive and believable world. The game’s detailed textures, dynamic lighting, and environmental effects help to make the world of Grounded a visual feast for players. ULTRAKILL

Grounded is also highly accessible, thanks to its intuitive control scheme and user-friendly interface. The game’s online forums and community resources provide a wealth of information and support for players, and the game’s simple tutorials help players quickly get up to speed. The game’s open-ended structure, combined with its multiplayer options, make it a great choice for players who enjoy creative, cooperative play.

Grounded: The Ultimate SUrvival Experience

If you’re looking for a high-quality survival game with stunning graphics and engaging gameplay, then Grounded is an excellent choice. This standout title in the action-adventure genre offers players a unique and entertaining experience, and it is well worth checking out. With its combination of survival, exploration, and crafting, Grounded is a game that is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players of all skill levels.


system rquirment

  • OS: Windows 7 (SP1) 64bit
  • Processor: Intel Core i3-3225
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti
  • Storage: 8 GB available space

game info

  • Genre: Action, Adventure
  • Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
  • Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
  • Release Date: 27 Sep, 2022
  • Released By:
  • Game Size: 8.6 GB
  • Version: (v1.3.2 + Co-op)
  • Buy It From Steam
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