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About 10 years after the events of Dead Island, the United States government and US military are forced to put California under a full quarantine restricted zone due to a new and stronger zombie outbreak. As Los Angeles is being quarantined, six individuals (dubbed “Slayers”) attempt to board one of the last evacuation flights out of the city: hustler Bruno, mechanic Carla, retail worker Dani, exotic dancer Ryan, athlete Amy, and stuntman Jacob. However, in the confusion, the evacuation flight ends up having an infected on board, causing the army to shoot it down. The Slayers narrowly survive the crash but end up getting bitten and infected trying to help some other survivors.

The Slayers manage to make their way to the home of one of the crash survivors, actress Emma Jaunt, who reluctantly shelters them despite their infection. Sam B, Emma’s ex-boyfriend, then arrives at the mansion, intending to get Emma out of the city and revealing he is immune to the infection, and the Slayers come to realize that they are immune as well. With the Slayers still intent to get out of the city, they head to the nearest evacuation center at the Halperin Hotel. Unfortunately, the Slayers find the hotel already overrun, but recover a radio and make contact with Dr. Reuben Reed, a CDC doctor who asks them to come to his safe haven in Santa Monica where they can use the Slayers’ immunity to synthesize a cure.

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The Slayers head through the sewers to get to Santa Monica, finding out to their horror that the zombie corpses the military had been dumping into the sewers have begun to meld together into a massive, tumor like growth spreading underneath the city. They are then stopped by another group of survivors led by a woman named Lola Konradt, who drops the Slayers into a pit full of zombies which temporarily triggers a bestial rage in them which they use to kill all the zombies. Eventually, the Slayers manage to reach Reed’s haven at the Serling Hotel. No Men’s Sky

Reed informs them that the military will not extract them from LA unless they provide proof of immunity, which means using Reed’s testing equipment at the overrun CDC HQ. The Slayers recover the equipment, and return to find out that Reed and Konradt are acquaintances. The Slayers are then sent to find Reed’s missing daughter Tisha, who is actually working with a team of hackers investigating mysterious encrypted data being exchanged by the CDC. Tisha tells the Slayers a way to contact Konradt directly in return for them to give her more time to investigate the CDC.


system requirement

  • OS: Windows 10. OSWindows 10.
  • Processor: AMD FX-9590 / Intel Core i7-7700HQ
  • Memory: 10 GB. Memory10 GB.
  • Storage: 70 GB. Storage70 GB.
  • Direct: X12. Direct X12.
  • Graphics: Radeon R9 390X (8192 VRAM)
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